Infodense Games
Creators of Franchise Ball

Franchise Ball : the most realistic baseball simulation game, allows you to own and manage a virtual baseball team and franchise. With in depth access and control of a team or multiple teams, you compete with other teams around the world. It is an ongoing game similar to fantasy leagues, but more realistic and challenging, and not based off major league players.

You control every detail about your team(s) and players, and are able to watch game updates in real time. Every season is a month long. Work your way up to a division championship, the top of your league, and your on your way to the world playoffs where you'll compete to reach the world series.

Users bid for players from other teams, and earn credits by performing well from various revenue sources such as attendance for example. The game has a strong capitalistic element allowing franchises to manager player contracts, and purchase other teams for sale, etc. Users compete for division, league, and world titles to earn credits and money as they develop to improve their team (or teams) season by season.